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TEAMLEAD - The leadership model for high-performing teams

How do you lead a team to top performance? Classic leadership models focus on competencies and fail to provide important answers: What specific tasks are necessary to get a grip on the complexity, dynamics, and friction in teams?

TEAMLEAD complements the classic leadership models

The synergetic leadership concept is based on task profiles and complex group relationships. It highlights 6 system functions with 23 leadership tasks that are crucial for teams and provides concrete recommendations for successful team leadership!

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Clips & more podcasts expected in 2022

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Publications & Podcasts

(Currently still in German,
English publications to follow shortly)

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Test & train your team!

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What really labels the successful leadership of teams?

Today, the performance of teams is one of the critical success factors for the competitiveness of companies. That's why we have to ask which specific leadership tasks actually lead a team to high performance.

Related to this issue traditional leadership concepts are incomplete. They focus on the two-way relationship between supervisor and employee and fail to get to grips with the complexity, dynamics and frictional losses of teams. They define which competencies a leader should have, but do not take situational aspects into account and provide little orientation for everyday work.

The synergetic leadership model developed in the TEAMLEAD research project identifies
six interrelated system functions with 23 specific leadership tasks that are crucial for the performance of teams. The concept strives for a targeted "self-control" of teams and departments that enables greater adaptability, faster reaction times and more flexible responses to the unexpected in modern "VUCA" work environments.
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6 functions with 23 management tasks

Management of differentiation sets the boundaries and ensures clarity of purpose. A team needs a clear mission (system purpose) and must see itself as a unit. Resource management includes the acquisition of material and immaterial, financial and personal resources. Structure management deals with the social complexity in the team. Here the main focus is on defining clear roles and responsibilities. Managing time complexity is the task of process management. Process planning must solve the connection and synchronization problems caused by internal role differentiation. Reflection ensures the team's survivability by analyzing and improving its own functionality. Finally, development management prevents the system from being overloaded due to overtaxing tasks or excessive complexity.
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Significant increase in performance!

The empirical studies conducted as part of the BMBF-funded research project were able to prove that synergetically managed teams and departments are significantly more efficient and create a better balance between the various performance criteria. They can handle a higher degree of complexity and develop an increasingly higher level of self-direction.

The synergistic leadership concept describes the leadership tasks critical to success for high-performance teams. It gives
concrete recommendations for your own leadership behavior, and a readiness check for teams helps you to identify concrete potential for improvement in leadership behavior. Contact us, we will be happy to support you.
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Test yourself: How well do you lead your team?

How good is your team, how close to the capabilities of real high-performing teams? We help you to identify your
strengths and potential through team observation.

Together with you and your employees, we review the success factors that distinguish top teams. We identify the strengths and improvement potentials and set the focus for
effective improvements together with you.
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A special team building with the model factory

Build trucks! Experience how you perform as a team in a half-day interaction.

Our business game is a mobile miniature version of the Model Factory Koblenz. It simulates the improvement of business processes in a playful way and lets team members take on different roles. The setup is flexible. We can use our version in different variants and configurations and thus also integrate it into your measures.

Book it as a
stand-alone event or integrate it into your own trainings or conferences.
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Specific leadership & team training - individually tailored to you!

In our trainings, we use both
on site and virtual business games that simulate real-life situations. The participants learn to make decisions in a self-organized way and to experience consequences. Digital games and virtual 3D worlds are an exciting addition that lead to a completely new learning experience.

Whichever tools we use, we always link the qualification with direct implementation, making the
transfer into company practice an integral part. So that your investment in the training pays off quickly.

Based on the specific situation of your team, we will be happy to develop a customized training program for you as a manager and for your employees. So that your team achieves even better performance.

We would be happy to keep you up to date on further information, events & publications.